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Making the Right Choice: Factors for Actors to Consider Before Joining SAG


The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is a labor union that represents performers in the entertainment industry. Joining SAG can offer many benefits to actors, such as access to better pay and working conditions, as well as protections for their intellectual property rights. However, joining SAG is not a decision that should be made lightly. Here are some reasons why actors should carefully consider their options before joining SAG.

Eligibility Requirements

Before an actor can join SAG, they must have worked on a SAG-signatory project, which means the production company has signed a contract with SAG. This can be challenging for actors who are just starting out and may not have access to SAG projects. Even if an actor has worked on a SAG project, they may not meet the eligibility requirements for membership, which can include a minimum number of principal roles, background roles, or SAG vouchers earned. This means that some actors may have to work for years before they are eligible to join SAG.

Cost of Membership

Joining SAG is not cheap. The initiation fee for new members can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the actor's earnings and the type of membership they choose. In addition, SAG members are required to pay annual dues, which can also be expensive. These costs can be a burden for actors who are just starting out or who have irregular income.

Limitations on Non-Union Work

Once an actor joins SAG, they are subject to the union's rules and regulations. One of the most significant limitations is the restriction on non-union work. SAG members are not allowed to work on non-union projects without risking suspension or expulsion from the union. This can be problematic for actors who want to work on independent or low-budget projects that may not be able to afford to sign a SAG contract. It can also limit an actor's opportunities for work, especially if they are not yet well-established in the industry.

Availability of Work

SAG membership does not guarantee an actor will get more work or better-paying jobs. In fact, it may make it more difficult for some actors to find work. SAG projects often have higher budgets and more established production companies, which means they may be more selective in their casting choices. This can make it harder for newer or less well-known actors to get their foot in the door. Additionally, some projects may be non-union specifically to save on costs, meaning that SAG members may not even be considered for those roles.

Future Career Goals

Finally, actors should consider their long-term career goals when deciding whether to join SAG. If an actor wants to work primarily in film and television, joining SAG may be essential to their success. However, if an actor wants to work in other areas of the entertainment industry, such as theater or voice acting, SAG membership may not be as critical. Additionally, some actors may prefer to work independently or on smaller projects where they have more creative control, which may not be possible within the confines of SAG rules and regulations.

Joining SAG can offer many benefits to actors, but it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Actors should carefully consider their eligibility, the cost of membership, the limitations on non-union work, the availability of work, and their future career goals before deciding whether to join. By weighing these factors carefully, actors can make the best decision for their individual circumstances and career aspirations.


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