Great acting careers start with great acting portfolios.

That's where we come in.

Over the past decade, a monumental shift has taken place in the entertainment industry. Once bound mainly to Los Angeles and New York, film and television productions have finally "discovered" the rest of America. In the wake of this shift, cities like Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Chicago have become new hotspots for network TV shows and big-budget Hollywood and indie films. States, eager to further attract such projects, embraced substantial tax incentives for the industry. These incentives have allowed the acting communities of the Southeast, Central Atlantic, and Midwest regions to flourish.

Though undoubtedly an exciting time for on-camera actors and voice-over artists across the country, the industry is now more competitive than ever before. Practiced talent and a good headshot alone do not guarantee the big break one might deserve. Actors must do everything they can to display to casting agents, producers, and directors what makes them both unique and vital. Demonstrating these essential qualities starts with having a high-quality demo reel. Reels are now central to the casting process and are likely to grow even more critical. However, many new and experienced actors lack the media necessary to be genuine contenders in the industry. A peculiar paradox arises from this; how can actors get usable media, without first being booked?

At Everything Cinema Productions, we understand the diverse challenges actors face in navigating their careers in the entertainment industry. We are, after all, a company founded by actors who have faced these same challenges. And so, we bring our experience, knowledge, and creative spirit to the performers of this region. We offer customized media services that provide actors with crucial content for their acting portfolios.


Whether new to the business or seasoned, on-camera actor or V.O. artist, Everything Cinema shares your passion for the performing arts. We wish to play a role in your future success by assisting with your media needs today.   

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