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The Intrepid Actor's Guide to Navigating the 2023 SAG Strike


SAG actors on strike, July 2023

As we embark on our journey in the world of entertainment, we must also navigate the challenges that come our way. At times, we find ourselves having to take a stand to protect our rights and the future of our craft. In July 2023, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) initiated a strike to address some pressing concerns that affect us all as performers. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of this strike, including the demands put forth by SAG, the duration predicted by experts, and what actors should be doing during this period.

The Demands: A Multifaceted Battle

The recent SAG strike arises from a combination of issues, reflecting the complexities of our industry in the digital age. Here are the primary demands:

  1. Fair Compensation: One of the central pillars of this strike revolves around fair compensation for actors. With the rise of streaming services and the proliferation of online content, actors have increasingly found themselves earning less from traditional residuals and facing unequal pay structures. SAG is demanding equitable compensation for all types of media, including streaming platforms, to ensure actors are justly rewarded for their work.

  2. Safe Working Conditions: The entertainment industry has had its share of incidents concerning actor safety. SAG seeks to establish comprehensive safety standards that prioritize the well-being of performers during productions. This includes measures to address issues like harassment, strenuous working hours, and hazardous conditions on set.

  3. Inclusive Casting and Representation: Diversity and inclusion have become vital aspects of storytelling. SAG demands that casting processes be more inclusive and reflective of the diverse world we live in. This pertains not only to ethnicity and gender but also to representation of individuals with disabilities and other underrepresented groups.

  4. Healthcare and Retirement Benefits: With the uncertainty surrounding healthcare and retirement plans, actors are looking for greater stability and support. SAG is pushing for improved healthcare coverage and sustainable retirement benefits to ensure a secure future for its members.

  5. AI Concerns: The rise of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry has opened up new possibilities and challenges. SAG is addressing the ethical and economic implications of AI-generated performances, seeking to protect actors from the misuse of their likeness and voice in AI-driven productions.

The Duration: A Battle of Patience

While the SAG strike is undoubtedly a significant step in advocating for actors' rights, experts predict that it may last for an extended period. Similar strikes in the past have sometimes persisted for weeks, if not months, as negotiations between the union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) can be arduous. However, the timeline remains uncertain, as it largely depends on how swiftly both parties can reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

During the Strike: Standing Together, Staying Informed

As actors, the strike period can be challenging, but it also presents an opportunity to demonstrate unity and support for the cause. Here's what actors should consider doing during this time:

  1. Stay United: Solidarity among fellow actors is crucial during a strike. Participate in peaceful demonstrations, attend union meetings, and connect with your colleagues to keep morale high.

  2. Engage on Social Media: Social media is a powerful tool for spreading awareness and garnering support. Share informative content related to the strike, amplify voices, and use hashtags to connect with the broader community.

  3. Continue Training and Networking: Although productions may be on hold, never stop honing your craft. Take advantage of the strike period to attend workshops, classes, and industry events to sharpen your skills and expand your network.

  4. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest developments in the negotiations. Follow trusted news sources and official SAG channels to receive accurate information about progress made during the strike.

  5. Financial Preparedness: Prepare for the possibility of a more extended strike by managing your finances prudently. Create a budget and explore alternative income sources during this time.

As the strike progresses, remember that unity and determination are the pillars that will see us through. Our collective efforts can pave the way for a fairer, more inclusive, and artistically vibrant future for the entertainment industry.

Stay Intrepid Actors, Stay Strong!

Note: The information presented in this blog post is based on the situation as of July 2023, and the developments in the SAG strike may have evolved since then. Actors are encouraged to refer to official SAG sources and news outlets for the most up-to-date information.

Hollywood on standby as SAG strike begins.


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