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An Introduction of Sorts: Hello, Our Name is Everything Cinema Productions

October 4, 2016

     Now that our website is up and running and our calendar has several appointments written in its small squares, Everything Cinema Productions is beginning to feel like a proper business. For those of you out there who know us personally, the notion of we three as “entrepreneurs” may seem both surprising and odd. Certainly if someone would have told us a few years back that we would someday begin a small business we would have laughed it off as an impossibility, yet, here we are. We’re artists not business-types, right? One cannot fit comfortably alongside the other, the contrast is too great, or so we thought. Still, the idea of starting new kind of video production company; one that, as we say on our website, would be “created by actors for actors” simply felt right.


     This region of the country has seen a boom in Hollywood productions as of late. Each day, casting agents are scrolling through the Actors Access website (and the like) looking for this area's best actors. They see the headshots; good photos, bad photos, forgettable photos. Headshots are a vital element of the casting process to be sure but in the end, they’re frozen images. How does one stand out on a website like that? We don’t claim to know all the insider secrets but we do know one thing for sure, demo reels and quality short scenes are a must. That small piece of knowledge was the genesis of Everything Cinema Productions. We ran with that idea, talking to actor friends and talent agents to gage whether or not we had something worth pursuing. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive. So, we ran a little further, and then further still, until we arrived here. To fully and accurately express our excitement and enthusiasm regarding our new business would be a hopeless endeavor. Let us just say that having the opportunity to help our actor peers get the recognition they deserve through the art of filmmaking is an incredible thrill, one that we do not take lightly. We have a responsibility to provide our best work to each an every client and we will consistently provide just that. 

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February 21, 2017

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