Practiced talent and a good headshot alone do not guarantee the big break one might deserve. To compete in today's entertainment industry, actors must do everything they can to display to casting agents, producers, and directors what makes them unique and vital. Demonstrating these essential qualities starts by having high-quality footage. Video clips and demo reels are now central to the casting process and are likely to grow even more critical. However, many new and experienced actors lack the media necessary to be genuine contenders in the industry. So, how do actors get usable footage without first being booked?  

At Everything Cinema, we've created an effective service solution for this dilemma. Shoot a Scene provides actors with wholly customized, professionally produced scenes for their acting portfolios. These are full scenes, running 1:30-2:00 minutes in length. The service includes a free consultation, custom screenwriting (tailored to your actor-type and strengths), and an IMDb credit.


Each custom scene is shot on location with a pro crew and industry-approved equipment. Our sets are fun, creative environments designed to allow actors to perform their best work. We never rush our shoots, choosing instead a pace every actor will find comfortable. 


Like our shoots, we handle post-production with quality techniques and an expert approach. We create a polished final product, complete with video editing, coloring, and a custom sound design (effects and music). Clients receive HD 1080p digital files of each clip, delivered at a size and file-type that's easily uploaded to agency and casting sites.       

Additional service options, including scene partner casting and on-set hair and makeup artist, can be purchased at an affordable rate. For more details, see our Rates, FAQ's & Policies section below.

Premium, compelling footage at an affordable rate. No hassles, no hidden fees.

What People Are Saying

“Everything Cinema Productions was by far an outstanding company to work with. They worked closely with the talent in creating an age-appropriate script and took care of all the details from pre-production to post-production. We received a high quality, well-edited, and useable demo reel.  I would highly recommend using their services!”

— Elizabeth Knapp, Client 


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1  Custom Scene     $675

2 Custom Scenes   $1250

Additional Scenes  $575 each 

*Note: The above custom scene fees do not include scene partners or Hair and Makeup. Those are available for an additional surcharge. Details available below.



In addition to professional editing, we offer in-house video coloring, sound design, and music during post. These enhancements are included in the Custom Scene rate, there are no additional costs for these services.    


Everything Cinema will cast an (acting) scene partner upon request. All scene partners are guaranteed to be trained, experienced on-camera actors. The booking rate for a hired actor is $50 per scene. The entirety of this fee goes directly to the hired actor for their day of work. Alternatively, you may use your own scene partner(s) at no additional cost.



We try to provide our clients with custom scripts that match the specification outlined during their consultation. Factors such as shoot location availability can affect the final draft's content. Once the script is complete, clients may request minor changes, such as adjustments to specific lines of dialogue and character names. There are no additional charges for these adjustments. However, for requests that result in major rewrites, an additional $75 fee will be added to the project invoice. In such a case, we will first notify the client before proceeding further. 



HMUP (hair and makeup) is available upon request. Limited availability. Inquire at, or click the “Contact Us” button below for booking and rates.


HMUP Artist is paid separately. They accept AMEX/ VISA/ MASTERCARD/ DISCOVER, Paypal, Venmo, Cash, or Check.



A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to begin pre-production. The remaining 50% will be due upon completion of the clip(s) shoot.



We understand the nature of the entertainment industry, and try our best to be flexible. We do ask for a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) notice before the date of your shoot to reschedule. We also require that in the event of a reschedule, your remaining balance (50%) be paid at the time of the request. We will provide an online link, where you can securely make this payment. Please consider booking out the entire day(s) when you accept a Custom Scene shoot date.



Answers to your frequently asked questions...

• Service available to actors of all ages and experience levels.

• Consultations are held in person at our studio or by phone.

• Clients are welcome to split the cost with another actor. A custom script will then be written to highlight both actors, meaning equal screentime, lines, and significance to the scene. 

• Our Custom Scenes are considered "video shorts" making them eligible for an IMDb credit. Once post-production is complete, we will add the project to

• Present for each Custom Scene shoot is a pro Director, DP, and Sound Recorder. High-quality lighting and production design are also used on these projects.  


• Each Custom Scene shoot runs 4-5 hours on set. We film multiple takes for each setup to ensure actors are performing at their best. A relaxed and creative on-set environment is provided for every shoot.


• Clients receive 2 versions of each scene, all HD 1080p. 1 Version with a file-type and size suitable for Actors Access and similar casting sites. And, 1 Version with a file-type and smaller size suitable for agency and management sites.   


• Free consultations are hosted at our studio, currently located at 1320 E Washington Street, Louisville KY 40206 (inside Studio Nulu).


• The makeup artist will stay with you for the entire shoot.

• Non-Refundable once the project is complete.


• Yes, your 50% deposit (due at the start of pre-production) goes toward the total cost of your shoot.