1320 E Washington Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40206

  • Includes FREE consultation

  • Professional Sound mixing

  • Full demo edit + 1 minute edit

  • Audio enhancements

  • 1 extra editing revision included*

  • Non-refundable once completed

This service is for those who already have previously recorded audio material but do not yet have a professionally produced reel, or, have a reel but need updates and adjustments.


Just provide us with your audio, and we will mix and edit them into a new V.O. demo reel or into your current reel. Editing and order of your audio will be, in part, based on the specifications you provide us. 

In addition to mixing and editing your previously produced audio material, we will also, for free, provide audio corrections and enhancements where needed to ensure that your content sounds its very best. Once we have completed your V.O. reel, you will have the opportunity to provide us with feedback and request specific changes. The extra edit is included in this service.

Voice-Over Demo Reel    $75

*Additional edits are $25 each

Voice-Over Demo Reel