1320 E Washington Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40206

  • Includes FREE consultation

  • Up to 3 pieces of copy produced

• Assistance with Script Selection

  • Expert Direction & Coaching

  • Professional Audio Recording

  • Custom Sound Design

  • Sound Mixing and Mastering

  • 1 additional edit/mix included*

  • Non-refundable once completed

New to the world of Voice-Over recording? Need a professionally produced demo to book those high-paying V.O. gigs? Everything Cinema has the demo service for you!


We'll be there every step of the way. We start with a free consultation to determine your specific needs and goals. Next, we'll assist you in finding voice-over scripts that best fit your style and V.O. objectives. When you're ready to record, we'll set up a session that's all for you. There, you'll record your demo in a stress-free environment so that you can deliver your very best performance. 

Once you've completed your session, we'll mix and master your audio, including a dynamic sound design (audio effects and custom music) that provide your demo with an extra layer of polish and quality. 

Voice-Over Demo (up to 3 V.O. spots)        $275

Additional V.O. spots   $75 each


*Additional Edits   $25 each​

Record a Voice-Over Demo