1320 E Washington Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40206

  • Includes FREE consultation

  • IMDb CREDIT (1 credit)

  • Production Crew on Set

  • 1-2 minute length scenes

  • HD resolution

  • Shoots on Location

  • Professional Lighting and Audio

  • Sound & Music Design

  • Editing Scenes

  • On-set Direction 

  • Production Design

  • 1 screenplay revision per scene

  • Cast Actor(s)*

  • Professional Director/DP

  • Coloring grading

  • Non-refundable deposit

  • Non-refundable once completed

If you want to take your acting profile to new heights, you'll need quality footage. However, this can be a challenge for both new and experienced actors alike. That's why we've created a Shoot a Custom Scene. With this service, we'll write a scene tailored to your specific strengths and character-type. From script to screen we produce a 1-2 minute scene that's great for your casting profiles, agency page, and demo reel. 


If needed, we'll cast an additional actor (surcharge applied) to play opposite you throughout the shoot.

  Custom Scene Production Fee   $650

*$50 surcharge added to production fee if Everything Cinema needs to book an   
  additional actor for the scene.

Shoot a Custom Scene